The trade and commerce sector is the most important part of the Union. Since the business unit of the institute operates with a variety of creative and cultural industries and in order to develop the goals we have to think of a large and constructive network that has an accelerating role in this network.

The network, formed by holding think-tank meetings with relevant experts (specialists or managers of growth, creativity and acceleration centers), is a new model for accelerating economic, cultural and artistic businesses with specific features of these types of businesses. It needs a structure of investors, art business owners, ideologists and designers of related products and services, human capital, media.

In this network, human resources are empowered by the Union to play a role in the trade and development of industries and are introduced to business owners. Owners of original ideas, services and products are supported by the union’s material and intellectual support, receive training and counseling from the Union’s training and counseling unit, and are advised to go the route of creating sustainable businesses with less risk; and depending on the type of activity and Evaluating their business plan, they are introduced to investors in their field of business to participate in business development.

In the age of communication and information, the role of the media is undeniable, and they are very influential in the introduction and commercialization of products and services.

The media help pay attention to business development both in advertising and in direct contact with the consumer and the audience. In this process, the union, which is committed to accelerating business services, is in another position as an investor and business owner in one approach, using appropriate plans and ideas for developing cultural and economic centers.

The Acceleration Business Center of the Union is tasked with completing the Center’s business operations in two types of green and creative industries and the knowledge-based four major activities of identifying (and attracting target groups), commercializing, evaluating and branding creative ideas and projects. Is his most important task for of the Eurasian Cultural and Economic Cooperation Union.