Benefits of joining the Eurasian Union:

Union membership connects you to a large network of the most prestigious Iranian, Chinese and European companies. We support you in developing your business.

Members for Members: M4M

By joining the EU Expert Network you will receive special facilities:

  • Introducing the company and its participation in the international arena
  • Facilitating attendance at international events (global conferences and conferences and courses)
  • Attend monthly and seasonal specialized meetings with executives of international companies, cultural and economic advisors of countries inside and outside Iran
  • Benefit from specialized member facilities in the Asia-Europe scientific, cultural and welfare service network

The Eurasian Union also has special services for its members:

Managers and members of the union can benefit from selling their products to each other, and the variety of services and products of member companies can be discounted. The variety of services is very diverse: from travel and tourism services, sports, healthcare, real estate, catering and commodities


Become a member and offer your products and services to other members.